Download links to MMD,UTAU,And other stuffsies~!


Now,I cannot gurantee any of it will work or is in english,as ubuntu is a cookiehead and isn’t supported by half the stuff out there,but no worries,if anything happens,report it to me and I’ll get a new link!


MME(MikuMikuEffect),PMD,And more~!

UTAU Vocal Synthesis

If uta fails to work,she is corrupted. Here is an UTAU voicebank you can use instead

Or,If your up for a challenge,You can try to use Personaloid

I will now list some model links,starting with Hetalia characters ^-^

Romano Version 2.0 by Nachi Akira

Italy Version 2.0 by Nachi Akira

An entire list of others cause I’m lazy right now-


Open Roleplay 1~!


Anime/Game? : Ouran Highschool Host Club

Characters I’ll be? : Any canon characters you/they want + My OC Harukina Shitsuji (She/He/They look like this : And are a hermaphrodite ^_^)

Can it be made into a story? : If you so desire you can,I dun care~


For anyone whom wishes to roleplay this,but hasn’t seen ouran yet,here are some spoilerific pages to brief the characters and possibly plot to you~

Haruki Fujioka :

Tamaki Suoh :

Hikaru Hitachiin :

Kaoru Hitachiin :

Kyoya Ootori :

Takashi ‘Mori’ Morinozuka :

Mitsukuni ‘Honey’ Haninozuka :

The School :

The show synopsis : (Just scroll down to ‘What’s it about?’)

Watch the show~! :

Hallo Friends!


Welcome to UtaOta,the otaku roleplay and blog website~!

Allow me to explain some of the points/features of UtaOta hun~

  • The main point is to act as a roleplaying fourm,so of course there’s that~
  • Then there’s like,covers and such things,feel free to share,whether you made it or not,We’d all love to see the awesomeness~!
  • You can also post about non-anime/manga things like LoZ and WoW-I’m a gamer myself,so no worries about me being ‘Wtf?’
  • Feel free to post projects on here as well,I’m more than glad to help,as the others are,I’m sure~!
  • You can also write stories and quizzes on here too hun~! Art too~!
  • There are other things,but honestly,these are the ones I can think of off the top of my head-
  • Before I forget,games can be posted/shared here,both online and download-